Goode Van Slyke, Corgan

For Chris Goode, a managing partner principal in charge and HUB director with Goode Van Slyke, designing the new Kiser Middle School is like coming home. Back in the day, Goode was a student at GCS’s Smith High School. “I liked to draw,” he says. “For all 4 years of high school, every time I entered a drafting or architectural drawing contest, I always won first, second and third place.”  Goode says at that point, “I started to think, maybe I am good at this.”  After graduating from Smith, the young artist moved on to N.C. State and UC-Berkley to pursue his dreams of designing buildings that would change communities.  

Goode Van Slyke, headquartered in Atlanta, started designing K-12 schools and would go on to design Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, a two million square foot engineering marvel with a retractable roof in the shape of a camera lens that can be opened in less than ten minutes. Although Kiser is much smaller than the stadium, Goode Van Slyke is excited about bringing that same sense of innovation back to the classroom.  Goode Van Slyke staff are 44% MBE and 68% MWBE and have offices in Atlanta, Raleigh and Greensboro.  Click here to learn more about Goode Van Slyke. 

Corgan Architects are partnering with Goode van Slyke to design the new Kiser Middle School. Founded in 1938, Corgan is no stranger to thinking outside the box!  The firm pioneered the first use of a monorail and a moving sidewalk in an airport (kind of like the Jetsons).  Past projects include the Toyota North American Headquarters in Plano, Texas   and the LaGuardia Airport Terminal C in New York City.  Click here to learn more about Corgan. 

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